VIPS and Volunteer Hours

Have you been signing in and out in the front office when volunteering at the school? If you have worked at the school and forgotten to sign in, please email your volunteer hours.  It is important that we track as many volunteer hours as possible so that we can show our lawmakers that Lowell Elementary and the California PTA have an active and committed group of parent volunteers who are dedicated to making the public school system better for all of the children.

What hours should be counted?

  • Time spent writing PTA agenda, minutes, correspondence, reports, newsletter articles
  • Time spent on PTA-related activities at school or within the community
  • Telephone time regarding PTA business
  • Travel time to and from PTA activities
  • Attendance at meetings, workshops, committees and any functions related to PTA work
  • Being a VIP – Working in the classroom or going on field trips

For additional information or to email your volunteer hours, please contact Kristie Kaiser at [email protected]

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