1. Go to the Lowell PTA Store.
2. Click on My Account.
3. Sign in or Register for an account – then “Check your email to continue the registration process.”
4. Registration complete! You can now login – using the email you provided as your username.
5. Click on My Family to continue setting up your account. Click on Add Family to add your children, spouse, grandparents, and any others.
6. Return to Home page.
7. Add Student PTA Memberships, Adult PTA Memberships, and any other items to your cart.  Make sure to select your child/children’s teachers so they will receive credit towards the rewards.
8. View Cart when you are ready to check out.  Double check that the various PTA Memberships you have selected are “FOR” the correct members of your family.
9. Check out – for your protection no credit card information is stored on our servers.

Kick start your child’s enrichment by joining PTA Today! Your support is needed and appreciated.


Be A Hero! Join The PTA Today!

It takes a village to provide our Lowell Sea Stars with incredible programs (Meet the Masters! Green Team!), opportunities for learning (Chrome Books! Science Fair!), and the chance to create lifelong friends and memories (Ice Skating! Pumpkin Carving Nights! Variety Shows!). YOU are a part of that Village.

Did you know that the Lowell PTA spends an average of $250 per student, per year on all the programs that make Lowell such a special place? Follow the directions below to be a Hero, and join our PTA. And if you can, please consider an additional donation, to allow us to keep funding all of the amazing Programs we and our families love here at Lowell!

Please visit the PTA store and search membership.

You can select a Student, Staff, and/or Adult PTA membership, as well as make an extra donation to become a ‘Super Star‛ and receive uniform approved t-shirts for your students. We look forward to getting to know our incredible Lowell Village this year, and continuing to make this the best school in Long Beach!

Nina Mehigan and Kelly Curtin
Your 2018-2019 Lowell PTA Membership Team


Top 10 Reasons to Join The PTA

The number one reason to join your school’s PTA is to benefit your child. But there are many more advantages. Here are just a few:

  • Have a voice, and a vote!  Did you know that the PTA allocates THOUSANDS of dollars on programs here at Lowell?  Do you have an opinion about how we use our funds?  Do you have an idea for a program?  Join the PTA, and your voice will be heard!
  • Support our Lowell Family!  Families all over Long Beach know about Lowell Elementary!  We are a Distinguished school!  One of the reasons we set the bar so high is because we offer our Students so many opportunities for learning and growth beyond the District Curriculum.  Did you know that Meet the Masters, Garden Team, and Field Trips are funded by the PTA?  We depend on our Members, and donations, to fund these amazing programs.
  • Speaking of Donations…did you know that the Lowell PTA spends an average of $250 PER STUDENT to fund our incredible programs?  When you join the PTA for $10, Lowell keeps only about $5 of that membership fee.  If you can, please consider making an additional PTA donation to help us continue our incredible offerings!
    • Become a PTA HERO! The $100 Donation Level and above gets uniform approved T’s for all Lowell students in your family!
  • Student voices count!  PTA isn’t just for Parents and Staff.  Your child can join the PTA! And this year, student PTA members will have the opportunity to cast a ballot in the Fall and Spring on a key issue.  Your first ballot initiative? Voting for the Costume Mr. Lawson will wear to the special assembly!
  • Discounts!  Visit the CAPTA website for more information on member discounts.  Current Members receive discounts to Legoland, and Enterprise car rentals, amongst other offers!
  • Technology!  The Lowell PTA helps to fund our Chrome Books, iPads, and Computer Lab support.  We need your support to keep growing these amazing learning opportunities!
  • Supervised Playground time!  Without PTA funding, we would not be able to offer families the ability to let students (and parents!) enjoy supervised before and after school playground time.
  • Be engaged!  Learn about what’s happening at Lowell, and stay informed.  Join the PTA and make sure you are in the loop about what’s happening here at school.
  • Make our community a better place.  The Lowell PTA coordinates Lowell’s Earth Day, Green Team, Recycling, Blankets of Love, Food Finders, Ground E, and more!
  • The PTA is fun! Do you enjoy Mom’s Muffin/Dad’s Donut Mornings, Pizza nights, the Variety Show, and Pumpkin carving parties? Our students do, and we need YOU to help us keep up the fun work!

Remember: Lowell’s PTA provides funding for crucial programming that enriches every Lowell student. The current PTA-funded programs and events cost approximately $250 per child each year. The cost to join the PTA is only $10 per member, but we welcome additional monetary donations at all levels. Once you join, your involvement level is strictly up to you. We welcome your voice, vote and participation; but we also understand that people have busy schedules and lives. Please consider signing up both parents, students and additional family members. Your support is needed and appreciated.

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