Green Team

The Lowell Green Team has some exciting “green” adventures planned for this year! While all Green Team activities are kid-powered, we need lots of parent volunteers to share in the fun. There is no experience necessary, just a desire to work with kids on hands-on activities, so look for a Green Team VIP sign-up sheet in your child’s classroom on Back-to School Night.

This year’s highlights include:

  • Learning Garden Lessons:  Linked to Health, Social Studies, Science, and Math and field trips to the Farmers Market and the Colorado Lagoon.
  • Our Zero-Waste Lunch Initiative:  To keep the equivalent of 3 swimming pools full of trash out of the landfill.
  • Car-Free Days:  To reduce our carbon footprint, promote physical fitness, and reduce traffic jams at drop-off.
  • Kid-Powered Recycling: To make sure all classroom paper stays out of the landfill.

We look forward to working with all of you to make it our greenest school year yet. If you have any questions or ideas, please contact us!

Lori Irvin & Amy Royle
[email protected]

Green Team “Trash Talk”
Ask Your Kids For The Dirt On Making Our School Waste Free!

Fun fact: Los Angeles County residents make enough trash to fill Dodger Stadium every few days!
1. Why do we recycle?
2. What do we recycle at school?
3. How does it work?
1. Each container or bag we use comes from natural resources like oil and wood. Recycling decreases the amount of natural resources we use. Our plastic, paper, glass, and metal products can be repurposed into new products if they are recycled!
2. At Lowell, we recycle all writing paper, construction paper, index cards, post-it notes, cardboard boxes, glass and plastic bottles/cans, Styrofoam trays, empty scotch tape rolls, Kleenex boxes, wet wipe containers, and any items with the recycling symbol on the bottom. Basically anything you can recycle at home, we can recycle at school.
3. We put all recyclables in blue classroom bins or purple hallway bins. The contents of the bins are hauled away every Tuesday and ultimately get made into new products! Right now we are recycling about 1,190 gallons of paper, cardboard, plastic, and glass a week. Great job everyone.
Paper and cardboard make up 75% of trash in the landfill. Help reduce trash by recycling at home and REUSING products to REDUCE the amount of waste we create!


Have you heard the news? We couldn’t be more proud: on Earth Day – April 22, 2014 – the U.S. Department of Education announced that our very own Lowell was honored as a Green Ribbon School! Lowell was one of only 39 public schools in the United States and one of 4 schools in California to receive the award, which was given as a result of “exemplary efforts to reduce environmental impact and utility costs, promote better health, and ensure effective environmental education, including civics and green career pathways.” The award was a culmination of tremendous efforts spearheaded by our incredible Green Team leaders and supported enthusiastically by Lowell’s students, teachers, staff, families, and friends. Lowell was heralded as an exemplary model of creating a healthier learning environment, taking smart and innovative steps to reduce environmental impacts, and teaching students a range of sustainable practices that they will carry into the future. Lowell’s Learning Garden was a critical component that led to our nomination, as were Lowell’s efforts to reduce waste, recycle, and participate in car-free Fridays. A HUGE thanks to ALL who made this tremendous achievement a possibility!!!!

Congratulations to the entire Lowell community for a fantastic GREEN year!

Wait! There’s more! In addition to our National Green Ribbon award, thanks to everyone’s efforts, we reduced our lunch waste by 70% and won a $750 prize in the Grades of Green Trash Challenge. By our estimates, about 70% of students now bring at least one reusable item in their lunch each day and we have generated great garden compost with our fruit and vegetable scraps. We built a new solar bench, held our first e-waste event, supported car free commuting, and accumulated about 8,000 student hours in our outdoor Learning Garden. Thank you to all the staff, students, teachers, and parents for making this our greenest year yet!

it’s time to ditch the Ziploc bags!  We need you and your child to work together and pack a trash-free lunch to support Lowell’s Zero Waste Lunch Program. It’s easy! How to pack a trash-free lunch:

  • Step 1: Bring reusable utensils – a stainless fork or spoon can be washed and reused instead of a plastic one that will be thrown away.
  • Step 2: Pack a cloth napkin – it can be brought to school, washed at home and brought back the next day!
  • Step 3: Grab a reusable water bottle – instead of a disposable, plastic water bottle.
  • Step 4: Try reusable containers – ditch the Ziplocs and save money and resources by reusing plastic containers.
  • Step 5: Take a Trash-free lunchbox – try a reusable lunchbox or bag to hold the reusable food containers and water bottle.
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