Special Education Support Committee

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou

As the Special Education Support Committee continues to establish itself, we are becoming more familiar with the best way to provide the needed support. The teachers are learning to accept that the help is really available and we are getting better at serving those needs. The committee provided supplies for Holiday projects and gifts for the teachers and aides, and they were so appreciative. We also provide classroom supplies, i.e. tissues, hand sanitizers, etc. – things that normally are provided in most other classrooms. Thank you PTA for believing in our committee.

There is also a way that your student can reach out in their own way. Lowell Lunch Buddies is going to get started again soon. Information has been shared in all of the classrooms. The applications for those who were interested were turned in on December 19th. The students will be paired with a friend in the same grade from a Special Education classroom that share similar interests. The first meeting will be on Friday, January 17th. The buddies will always meet at lunch on Fridays. This program is a wonderful way for students to make new friends, make a lasting impact on someone’s life, help change stereotypes about people with disabilities and really learn about themselves. I saw first-hand last year the sense of pride and confidence in the students who were involved. If your child missed the December deadline please have them talk to their teacher.

Our committee is in search of someone who would like to be part of our effort. The time commitment is small and the satisfaction of knowing you are helping everyone at Lowell have the best experience possible, is priceless. Please contact me if interested.

Tamra Goris Olson
Special Education Support Committee Chair