Chess Club

Chess pieceAny, and all, Lowell students interested in playing chess and becoming a member of the Lowell Chess Club should come by Room 31 starting on Monday, Oct. 2nd to pick up an application form. The Lowell Chess Club is open to all Lowell students in grades 1 – 5 regardless of their level of experience, but membership is limited, both by the amount of equipment and by the amount of space in which the club functions.

Applications may be picked up only in Room 31, beginning on Oct. 2nd, and may not be turned in until Thursday, Oct. 5th during the students’ lunch period by the students themselves. Please notice that students are required to turn in their own applications and may not turn in anyone else’s application. Do not bring the applications in early in the morning as they will not be accepted until each grades’ lunch period. (Each grade level will have a maximum level of representation in the Lowell Chess Club equivalent to its percentage of the school population.)

Applications must be turned in by the individual students DIRECTLY to the assigned adult who will be out on the playground at lunch; (that means don’t turn them in to the office, put them into Mr. Brunner’s mailbox, leave them on his desk, slip them under his door, or turn them in any way other than by giving them directly to either Mr. B. or the adult he will have assigned to collect the applications). Space will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so get your applications in on time! These requirements are the best effort to make joining the Lowell Chess Club equitable and available to all of our students. Lowell’s Chess Club has proven to be really educational and fun.

** PARENTS please note: applications are to be turned in by the students during their normal lunch period, not by a parent. Each student may only turn in his, or her, own application.

** A special reminder to those older students who know that they might qualify for membership in the Chess Team section of the Chess Club: there are no guaranteed memberships. You still must turn in an application form in order to be considered for participation in this year’s Lowell Chess Club.

Make your move … to the Lowell Chess Club!

-Mr. B.

**Please do not begin coming in early for Chess Club until/unless you receive notification. **

** Do not send in any money with the application. **