Arts in School Committee

The Arts in School Committee

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” ~Pablo Picasso

During the first semester of our school year, the arts were alive and well. MTM provided lessons on two diverse artists, Michelangelo and Katsushika Hokusai. Unfortunately, neither lesson did not lend itself to being reappropriated in the classroom; hopefully, one of this year’s artists will work.

The Reflections program was a huge success as there were more entrants than ever before. Having committee members present the information in the classroom really seemed to make a difference. It was so satisfying seeing all of the creative output that was displayed on the night of the exhibit. We have so many talented students here at Lowell.

The Variety Show is coming up in February. Students are already hard at work on their performances. One of the goals of the committee was to be able to support any student who wanted to get involved, even if they didn’t have a group. Our dance instructor, Mrs. Guest, and parents Mieke Dumont and Todd Foreman volunteered to assist different dance and music groups/performances, a very generous time commitment indeed.

Another goal of the committee was to help raise funds for the new auditorium. A group of parents led by Wendy Becker and Mary Scott sold concessions at all of the fall TKTC Peter Pan performances. The final total of the money that was made has not been tallied, but it was enough to make it worthwhile to continue to provide treats and flowers for every performance. Please look for information about volunteering to sell next time the opportunity arises.

Besides these established programs, there was lots of creativity happening in the classrooms delivered by our many talented teachers. Each 5th grade class created something about what they had learned during the Native American studies. Each of the classes opened up their rooms for a “museum” tour. The 4th graders put on a wonderful holiday concert, which everyone was able to see in the auditorium during school. They will have another one in the spring.

We are very fortunate here at Lowell to already have so many wonderful creative enrichment programs in existence. The Arts are an important way to support the traditional learning experience. We will be meeting again in January, the date and time TBD. Look for the announcement in the weekly blasts if you are interested in supporting the Arts and helping the artist in all of us stay alive.

Tamra Goris Olson