5th Grade Activities

Hello 5th Grade Parents!

Welcome to 5th Grade!!!! We are so excited for all of the fun activities and field trips we have planned for this year! Please make sure you are on your class roster so you don’t miss out on any emails!

Classroom Historians:  Please solicit pictures from all events!  These are needed ASAP!


  1. Dinner/Auction – More information soon.  You don’t want to miss this event!
  2. Popsicles: Keep buying popsicles every Thursday to support 5th grade activities!
  3. Photos by Martha Schuster- The $100 sitting fee goes directly to the 5th grade Committee!


  1. T-shirt design and orders will be made once the students decide this year’s theme
  2. Field Trips planned for the year include: Griffith Park Observatory, Walk Through the Revolution, Downey Space Museum, and more!

Your 5th Grade Activities Committee Chair,

Kristina Duggan