PTA Financial Info

Every year, the Lowell PTA raises a substantial amount of money to improve the educational setting at Lowell Elementary. It is the responsibility of the treasurer to keep the membership informed of the money that is raised and how it is spent. Every month at the Lowell PTA meeting, a Treasurer’s Report is submitted and ratified by the members present.

To Amend the Budget…

Budget Amendment Form

The process to amend the adopted budget is outlined here. If you are interested in pursuing a new Lowell PTA sponsored program, PLEASE follow the steps outlined. The time line supports amending the current year’s budget and/or this year’s budget to impact a program for the following year. The process is managed by the PTA Executive Board. The process and procedures exist to provide a fluid and equalized forum for our Association and Faculty to evaluate program concepts. A program proposal must support the work of the school via the school plan, curriculum standards and enhances our children’s educational experience. The process is:

1. A Budget Amendment Form (or available in the workroom) is filled out by including as much detail and information as possible and presented to the PTA Executive Board by the scheduled Board meeting date.
2. The PTA Executive Board discusses and votes on whether to recommend or not recommend the proposal to the Association. If the budget amendment supports a program for the current year, Board recommendation is made at the next scheduled PTA meeting. Budget proposal recommendations for each school year are made at the June meeting.  Evaluative criteria center on whether the proposal supports school goals and mission.
3. If the proposal is for a program occurring during the school day (9 am – 3 pm), the proposal must ALSO be presented and approved by the Administration and Faculty via Lowell’s School Site Council. The program must also adhere to the guidelines set by the Long Beach Board of Education.
4. Copies and notice of all the proposals are distributed to the Association, with the recommendations from the School Site Council, the PTA Executive Board and the Administration / Faculty. If the Administration and Faculty reject a proposal, it is not viable for the Association to pursue.
5. Proposals are presented at an Association meeting for discussion and a vote.

Here is the time line:

The Association members may research, prepare and present proposals to the PTA Executive Board, School Site Council, Faculty and Administration at any time up to and including the final June meeting.  Requests to be added to meeting Agendas must be made at least 72 hours in advance. All proposals will be distributed to the Association for review prior to the Association Meeting. If notice is given less than 30 days, the Association must approve the proposal with a 2/3rds majority vote.

Thank you,
Sandee Paige
Lowell PTA Treasurer