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PTA President’s Message by Mary Scott, Lowell PTA President

It’s June… where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday that my daughter was starting kindergarten and we were trying to figure out the new routine… making new friends, making lunches, doing homework, checking the backpack for flyers, and trying to make it to all the fun Lowell events. And now here we are in a just a blink of an eye, with 15 days of 5th grade left, the anticipation of summertime, trying to wrap our heads around middle school and 3 years on the Lowell PTA Board coming to an end! Again, I ask you, where has the time gone!? While I try and process those mind blowing thoughts, I have to say…

WHAT A YEAR! I am so very proud of the tremendous work done by our PTA Executive Board, chairpersons, volunteers, teachers & administration. Together we have created a balanced budget focused on directed fundraising, and we have achieved (and in some cases exceeded) our fundraising goals! So now as I write this final Lowell Log entry, I have to say THANK YOU…

Thank you to our teachers who dedicate themselves to teaching, mentoring & developing our children… our kids are totally prepared & better humans because of you!

Thank you to the countless hours our PTA Executive Board members put into working hard, helping guide our Lowell community & for focusing on “getting it right (not being right)” & “working hard & smart!”

Thank you to our Administrative Staff, who is the heart & soul of Lowell… where would we all be without you?! Your dedication to us parents & our kiddos is so appreciated!!!

And most importantly to our PTA members… whether you chaired an event, showed up to VIP, helped out at an event, chaperoned a field trip, wrote a check and or donated something to help support our fundraising efforts… a BIG THANK YOU to all of you! Your commitment to our little sea stars is impressive!

My gratitude is boundless & I will forever be grateful for the friendships formed, the memories shared & the milestones we achieved together. Thank you for indulging me as I take this moment to share my heartfelt appreciation for everything Lowell!!!

With oodles of gratitude and quite a few happy tears, I say good bye & good luck!

Mary Scott
PTA President

PS – and remember “You get out of it, what you put into it” Join PTA, get involved!