President’s October Message

Our theme for PTA this year is Lowell Champions:  Connect, Include, Have Fun, & Believe.

Champion:  A champion is someone who is the best.  At Lowell, we have the best students, teachers, programs, and a community who cares about our environment and gives back in many ways to those in need.  A champion is also someone who advocates for others.  At Lowell, we are working hard to create an atmosphere where we advocate for others who are in need.

Connect:  This year, we hope you will all take time to connect with one another.  We hope to build lasting relationships and a stronger community within our school family.  We want to be welcoming and open to new ideas and make time for each individual.  Soon you might see board members or event chairs wearing ‘Ask Me’ buttons to events.  We hope this will allow us to be identified easily.  Please feel free to stop us and say hello or ask any questions you might have.

Include:  Above all else, we want our PTA to be inclusive.  There are many reasons to divide us, but we need everyone at our school and we welcome all participation.  We hope that each of you will take a moment to reach out to someone you don’t know as well, who is outside your circle of friends, and invite them to come to an event this year.

Have Fun:  There is a lot of work that goes into the PTA and in providing all the wonderful events that we put on each year.  So, we want there to be as much fun as there is work to do.  We hope that parents will be positive about what the PTA is trying to do for you and your families.  We hope that you will find additional ways as a community to get together and bond and enjoy one another’s company.  We also want to be sure to reach out and thank our teachers, administration, and parents who put on these fabulous events for us year after year.

Believe:  Lastly, in order to be successful, we all have to believe in one another.  We have to believe that we are each doing our part, the best that we can.  We have to believe that we are all invested in our children and their best interests.  We have to believe that we are all on the same team.  Our goal is to improve our children, their education, and their enrichment opportunities this year.

We appreciate all of your support and should you ever have a concern you don’t feel is being addressed, please email me and let me know how we as a PTA board can be of service to you and your family.


Melissa Brower
[email protected]

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