Calendar for 2017-2018

Lowell PTA Calendar 2017-2018, Version 9 

30 We. First Day of School
30 We. New Parent Orientation 9:30 & 11:00am
30 We. Minimum Day (2:00pm dismissal)

4 Mo.   Labor Day (NO SCHOOL)
7 Th.    Back to School Night 6:00-8:00pm
12 Tu.  Executive Board Meeting (6:30pm, Library)
14 Th.  Room Rep Meeting (6:30pm, Library)
15 Fr.   Room Rep Meeting (9:15am, Cafeteria)
19 Tu.  Minimum Day (2:00pm dismissal)
21 Th.  Dining for Dollars – Ruby’s
27 We. PTA Meeting (6:30pm Library – Budget Approval)

4 We.   National Walk to School Day
6 Fr.     Individual Picture Day (Free dress)
10 Tu.  Executive Board Meeting (6:30pm, Library)
13 Fr.   Class Picture Day (Uniforms Only)
13 Fr.   Pizza/Movie Night
16 Mo. MTM Assembly, 2:25-3:05pm
16 Mo. MTM Training, 3:30-4:30pm
17 Tu.  School Site Council Meeting
20 Fr.   Reflections Submission Deadline
20 Fr.   5th Grade Night Fundraiser
23-27   Red Ribbon Week
24 Tu.  PTA Meeting (6:30pm Library)
25 We. Red Ribbon – Crazy Sock Day
26 Th.  Pumpkin Carving (6:00-8:00pm)
27 Fr.   Red Ribbon – Red Shirt Day
27 Fr.   Membership Surprise Assembly
31 Tu.  Halloween Shirt Day

1-8       Parent/Teacher Conferences
1-8       Minimum Days (2:00pm dismissal)
2 Th.    Reflections Reception, 6:30pm
3 Fr.     Reflections Display in auditorium, all day
7 Tu.  Teacher Luncheon
9 Th.    Jog-a-Thon
10 Fr.   Veteran’s Day (NO SCHOOL)
14 Tu.  School Site Council Meeting
14 Tu.  Jog-a-Thon Incentive Event (4:30-6:30pm)
14 Tu.  Executive Board Meeting (6:30pm, Library)
15 We. Dining for Dollars (George’s Greek Cafe)
16 Th.  Blanket them with Love (5:30pm, Cafeteria)
17 Fr.   Individual Picture Makeup Day (*Uniforms Only)
20-24  Thanksgiving Break (NO SCHOOL)
28 Tu.  PTA Meeting (6:30pm Library)

1 Fr.    5th Grade Panoramic Picture
4-8      Book Fair
4 Mo.  MTM Assembly, 2:25-3:05pm
4 Mo.  MTM Training, 3:30-4:30pm
6 We.  Winter Read Aloud (7:00pm, Auditorium)
12 Tu. School Site Council Meeting
12 Tu. Executive Board Meeting
22 Fr.  Shirt Day (red/green/blue/holiday)
22 Fr.  Minimum Day (2:00pm dismissal and no playground supervision after school)
25-5    Winter Break

8 Mo.   School Resumes
9 Tu.    School Site Council Meeting
9 Tu.    Executive Board Meeting (6:30pm, Library)
12 Fr.   MAD Science Assembly
15 Mo. MLK Day (NO SCHOOL)
19 Fr.   Authors and Illustrators Night
23 Tu.  PTA Meeting (6:30pm Library)
26 Fr.   Ice Skate Night (7:15-9:15pm)

8 Th.    World Explorer Day
12 Mo. Lincoln’s Birthday (NO SCHOOL)
13 Tu.  School Site Council Meeting
13 Tu.  Executive Board Meeting (6:30pm, Library)
14 We. Shirt Day (red/pink/white/valentine)
19 Mo. Washington’s Birthday (NO SCHOOL)
21 We. Dining for Dollars (Domenico’s)
23 Fr.   Dad’s Donut Day
23 Fr.   Variety Show Practices Begin
26 Mo. MTM Assembly, 2:25-3:05pm
26 Mo. MTM Training, 3:30-4:30pm
26 Mo. Roller Skate Night
27 Tu.  PTA Meeting (6:30pm Library)

6-7       Parent Teacher Conferences
6-7       Minimum Days (2:00pm dismissal)
9 Fr.     Lowell Spring Auction
13 Tu.  School Site Council Meeting
13 Tu.  Executive Board Meeting (6:30pm, Library)
13 Tu.  Science Fair Reception
14 We. Science Fair Walk Through for classes
16 Fr.   Shirt Day (St. Patrick’s theme)
16 Fr.   Variety Show Tech Rehearsal
23 Fr.   Mom’s Muffin Morning
23 Fr.   Variety Show Performance
27 Tu.  PTA Meeting (6:30pm Library – Elections)
30 Fr.   Admission Day (NO SCHOOL)

2-6      Spring Break (NO SCHOOL)
TBD    Dining for Dollars
TBD    Autism Awareness Assembly
9 Mo.  MTM Assembly, 2:25-3:00pm
9 Mo.  MTM Training, 3:30-4:30pm
10 Tu. Executive Board Meeting (6:30pm, Library)
13 Fr.  Shirt Day (College Theme)
16-20  Book Fair
17 Tu. School Site Council Meeting
24 Tu. PTA Meeting (6:30pm Library)
26 Th. Earth Day Activities
27 Fr.  Career Day

TBD    Kids Club Spring Boutique (2:30-5:30pm)
TBD    Dirtbags Game
TBD    SBAC Testing
4 Fr.    Star Wars T-shirt Day
5 Sa.   Chess Tournament
7 Mo.   MTM Assembly, 2:25-3:05pm
7 Mo.   MTM Training, 3:30-4:30pm
8 Tu.    Executive Board Meeting (6:30pm, Library)
11 Fr.   Pizza/Movie Night
14 Mo. Teacher Luncheon
15 Tu.  School Site Council Meeting
16 We. Chess Awards Ceremony
19 Sa.  District Science Fair
19 Sa.  Lowell Carnival
24 Th.  Minimum Day (2:00pm dismissal)
24 Th.  Open House
25 Fr.   Shirt Day (red/white/blue)
28 Mo.  Memorial Day (NO SCHOOL)

4-8       Teacher Appreciation Week
5 Tu.    PTA Meeting (6:30pm Auditorium)
14 Th.  5th Grade Promotion
14 Th.  Last Day of School
14 Th.  Minimum Day (2:00pm dismissal and no playground supervision after school)