President’s December Message

As the holidays approach, my mind turns to family traditions and how we can build closer family bonds and create lifelong memories together.  One of our family’s most cherished traditions during the holiday season is reading together.

Below are a few ways to start a family reading tradition.  These ideas are summarized from

1. Establish a dedicated reading area.  This can be in an armchair, on the living room sofa, or on top of a couple of beanbags huddled in a corner.  A dedicated reading area for your family will make the reading experience feel comforting and familiar for your child.

2. Choose a regular reading time.  Traditions are all about creating regular rituals to engage in again and again. The best way to create a family reading tradition is to do it around the same time, every time, whether it’s daily, weekly or even monthly.

3. Create a family book tree.  Take a large sheet of construction paper and cut out the shape of a tree, including some branches. Decorate the tree with the words ‘My Family Book Tree’, and hang it up. As your family reads through different books, add a leaf for every book read.

4. Invite extended family members to create their own traditions.  Introduce special books that are only read when your child and extended family members are together. This provides a great opportunity for bonding, and opens up conversations between your child and their extended family.

5. Read family classics every holiday.  Choose a time each year to revisit your best-loved literary treasures with the whole family. Special books can be turned into annual reading traditions for birthdays, Christmases, Halloweens, and more.

I hope we will all take time to enjoy a few good books with our families this year and create fond memories in the process.

Melissa Brower

PTA President