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Welcome to Lowell! For our new families, we are so happy to have you join the Lowell family.  For our returning families, welcome back for another fun-filled year. Families, teachers, and staff are the backbone of our strong and supportive community at Lowell. Without this community, we could not organize and hold the wonderful events we enjoy throughout the school year or fund the programs that enrich our children’s educational experience. Luckily, family involvement is a long tradition at our school and one of its greatest strengths. So, we encourage you to look for opportunities to volunteer and to share your experience and talents. We are always in need of more hands to help. If each of our 610 Lowell families volunteered to help with one PTA activity outside of the classroom, imagine how amazing our year could be.  So, whether you can donate only your time (big or small), your money, your resources, or maybe a little of each, there is a place for you!

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Lowell Log

The Lowell Log is published and distributed at the beginning of each month of the school year.  It is a compendium of events, programs, and opportunities available to Lowell families through the PTA, as well as a source of helpful information regarding the goings-on of the Lowell campus.  We encourage you to opt in to PTA Communications in order to receive this valuable resource directly to you inbox each month.

The Lowell PTA

It takes a village to provide our Lowell Sea Stars with incredible programs (Meet the Masters! Green Team!), opportunities for learning (Chrome Books! Science Fair!), and the chance to create lifelong friends and memories (Ice Skating! Pumpkin Carving Nights! Variety Shows!). YOU are a part of that Village.

Kick start your child’s enrichment by joining PTA Today! Your support is needed and appreciated.





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